Hello, let’s talk about what business we can do together and how to make them happen.


First, we have to discard ourselves.

In order to optimize your intention of doing business with our team, we include the main advantages and disadvantages of each solution Grupo VERSE has to offer, as well as minimum amount you will be required to invest in us. Although many things are negotiable, I list all the terms and prices so we can get to an agreement in this webpage. Thus, we will be able to operate easily.


Doing business with Grupo VERSE - advantages and disadvantages.

Main advantage: our world-class team is trained to solve daily complex issues in hardware-technology, software-technology, face-to-face and online education, design, marketing, sales and many more. Engineers, mathematicians, managers, programmers, logistics experts, languages and some others.

The main disadvantage is that our team don’t do magic: you must invest time, money and attention to that which you want to blossom. We can speed it up, optimize it and, even, operate with it, but you must play your role as well. None of our companies offers miracles.

How we are going to interact.


Our high-level teamwork will be giving you the required attention all the time. You are going to interact with strategists.

13 ways you and our companies can do business together.

Invest on us.



We teach english, french, german, business, programming, marketing and design in our pretty/beautiful/stylish centers. We are growing at a national scale. Advantages: we have a controlled and replicable sales model. Disadvantages: we are control freaks, therefore we handle everything.

Franchises from MXN$4,950,000 | Shares from MXN$250,000



VERSE Technology

We create hardware for the Internet of Things. We have strategic partnerships with Arduino, Microsoft, SigFox and more. Advantages: our devices have been accepted worldwide and we have our first-round shares available. Disadvantages: this kind of industry requires a lot of investment before total profitability.

From USD$250,000



TAB University

Our vision is to be Netflix + Platzi in the soft skills and entrepreneurship in the spanish market. Advantages: You can access to first round shares available. Disadvantages: We are at least 3 years away from our goal

From MXN$500,000




Grow your savings with our Investment fund. Advantages: We offer better interest rate than the banks. Disadvantages: Your initial capital is available at the end of the period.

From MXN$100,000



Use our technology.


Water optimization and monitoring of water, temperature, corrosion and more industrial needs/uses/requirements.

Get precise data about the status/condition of the crucial/important/relevant variables/indicators from your operations in real time from extreme weather conditions and remote locations. Advantages: we set everything you'll need from your office to the location of operations.

From USD$3950 / month



We make better incomes for you.

Use our consulting services. Think of us as business doctors. We go to your company, we analyze the symptoms and we generate a very detailed report, clarifying an appropriate treatment for you to come into a righteous business cycle.

Advantages: we have failed so many times that we can tell you what exactly your mistakes are and how to reduce and remove them. Disadvantages: this process works only when owners, executives and top managers are involved.

From MXN$79,950 per consulting



Get high performance professional teams.

Use our conferences and workshops to set up the right mindset in your partners. Advantages: it’s not a motivational event. They’re all tested items and methods, with precise and focused activities. Disadvantages: it’s not about magic. It takes a steady internal reinforcement.

Conferences from MXN$24,950 | Workshops from MXN$49,950



Buy our products and services


Publish your book with us.

VERSE Publishing writes, design, prints and distributes your book in paper or digital version. Advantages: it’s perfect to improve your personal and corporative brand. Disadvantages: it’s not made for idealistic authors.

From MXN$495,000 per thousand books



Train your partners in english skills.

Waterhouse offers advanced services in english courses at your and our offices with high skilled teachers. Advantages: cancel quick and easy. Your employees get an additional 50% discount for their families in our languages centers. Disadvantages: only for a hundred or more students.

From MXN$49,500 per month



We find the high performance people that you need.

We recruit those developers, designers and managers for your business. We do it for you. Advantages? We filter in the same way we do it in our companies. Disadvantages? Your salaries should be highly competitive.

From MXN$12,000 per person


Let’s talk.


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